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The  Galician Audio-Visual Cluster (Clag) director, Mar Varela, has accepted our invitation to be interviewed for the blog and has very kindly answered our questions. If you wish to discover the details of the projects the cluster is immersed in, read on.

What does the audio visual cluster offer the associated companies?

One of the features that defines us most clearly is that we offer associates a wealth of constantly updated information about the sector. This is fundamental as, with this data, the firms that make up the Clag have an efficient tool with which to make strategic decisions for their businesses. This information does not only focus on the sector itself or new technologies that can be applied within it, but also internationalisation, fundamental for any company.

You have just launched CLAG MEDIA TALENT. What is the aim of this initiative and how can one participate?

Through this initiative, audio visual creators with innovative projects can present their ideas and make them reach those that represent the audio visual industry. If these ideas are chosen, they become projects under the guidance of the companies through which creators can develop their draft projects. Sign up is still open, so we encourage all those who have an innovative audio visual format to read the requisites on our webpage and share their dream with us.

The first stage of “I+P, Ideas para producir” (“I+P, ideas for producing”) has just closed. What will happen at the pitching on the 29th?

“I+P, Ideas para producir”, arises out of a desire to bring creators and producers together with potential audio visual content buyers. The admission deadline is now closed, and on the 29th we will hold an event during which the first hours will be dedicated to pitches and the second part will consist of one-to-one meetings between creators and company executives who are open to buying innovative ideas and formats. For example, we can already announce that among the attendees will be TVE, Mediaset, A3Media.

What other projects can the cluster let us in on?

At the moment, and for a while now, we have been working in collaboration with other clusters, such as the ICT cluster, to boost synergies between companies associated to both, and take advantage of the latest tendencies and technologies. In addition to this, we have set into motion, with the collaboration of the University of A Coruña (UDC), an audience analysis system through which we monitor the audience reaction to innovative content and formats. Thanks to these studies we can have a better understanding of the situation of Galician audio visual creation and adapt to viewers’ reality.

What are the learning outcomes or conclusions that the CLAG has taken from the V ATClusters International Conference?

Once again the work that the IGAPE has carried out for years, in collaboration with the ten clusters of excellence, was patent and well-defined. It is not a one-off project, but constant, dedicated work through which the international role that Galician companies can play becomes relevant and new contacts open up to them with similar clusters abroad.

How does the Clag evaluate the Clusters Galicia initiative and what advantages does it think the latter can offer its members?  

One of the main roles of Clusters Galicia that we can highlight is that of making visible, not only to business owners but to society in general, the effort that cluster and IGAPE employees make. It is a mutual effort between two parts that adds value to the projects and experience of companies associated to each of the Galician clusters.

Clusters Galicia was born with a marked digital perspective. How have the audio visual associates adapted to the online world?

What is unusual, nowadays, is a company that doesn’t recognise the value of the digital world as part of its business strategy. Practically each and every Galician audio visual manager is very aware of the importance of employing digital channels for communication.


We would like to thank Mar Varela for answering all our questions about the audio visual sector. Stay tuned if you want to find out more about the 10 clusters of excellence in Galicia, as we will be back soon with another interview.

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